Whether you are an existing or future client, partner, competitor or just here to learn something new, we aim to use this forum to share our findings on the market fraught with pitfalls, but also heady possibilities. This also means exposing market weaknesses and loopholes exploited by many in our way of leveling the playing field.

We believe in fair play as the only sustainable way of doing business even if it takes significant time and resources to get there. We strive to create a competitive environment where all the action happens on stage and none behind the scenes, where all parties rely on their natural strengths.

We put our clients first, and our number one priority is to always put our clients first. There is no room for conflict or dispute. Ethics always requires sacrifice and we are gladly willing to make them when such needs arise.

Challenging as it might be to shake things when the majority of trading venues have settled for compromised solutions, we believe the market is hungry for an entity that is motivated to provide better and more transparent tools for traders to take advantage of.

In a space crowded by bold claims and short-lived promises, we choose to continuously evolve and educate ourselves in order to stay true to our vision and beliefs.

We share our market research here with you.

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